Most Common Failures in Garage Doors


The improper use of the devices, poor maintenance, and deterioration due to the passage of time are the most frequent causes of breakdowns in the automatic doors of our garages. Although the opening and closing systems are increasingly more sophisticated and use more efficient materials, which allows reducing the maximum damage, you may one day find that the automatic garage door does not work properly. We analyze the most frequent problems and we tell you how to act in case of breakdown.


Automatic doors that do not open. It is a very typical error motivated mainly by two causes: a failure in the control with which we activate it or an error in the receiving device of the signal. Both cases must be reviewed by an expert once it has been verified that the control battery if it is carrying it, is charged.

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Doors that do not open or close. These cases are somewhat more complex because the failure of the operation can arise from a problem with the control or receiving device as in the previous case or by a fault in the mechanism that moves the door. It is essential that you do not try to force the door and operate it manually, as it could aggravate the problem to be solved.

Doors that make strange noises. The deficiencies in the maintenance of automatic door and improper lubrication mechanisms can make moving parts squeak. In addition, if some gear has been displaced from the places where they must be placed, small knocks or rattles may sound. In principle, there is no problem in that you grease the moving parts as you have indicated your installer to check if the noise ceases. If not, do not touch anything without its supervision, even if you have clearly detected where the noise is coming from. Mechanical doors have complex mechanisms that cannot be seen with the naked eye and touch erroneously any external part can affect the interior.

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Although each problem requires a different action, all of them involve contacting the installer of our door. If we have contracted a maintenance service it is very likely that this includes a repair service 24 hours, since the garage doors are a device with an intensive daily use and whose repair cannot wait.

Try to have at hand the model of the door that you installed and that will appear on the invoice by hand. Describe as accurately as you can which is the problem to be treated and if you have noticed any strange use in the previous days and trust your criteria for the repair.