The door of a community garage faces an intensive use every day of the year. It would be difficult to estimate how many times the garage door of our community can be opened and closed, but if we counted it, it would surely surprise us. That’s why your choice should be a thoughtful, valued and weighed decision taking into account something more than its price, which is usually the main aspect taken into account.


  1. The type of door

“What type of door do we want to choose?” Is the first question we must ask ourselves before we start looking? Few neighborhood communities are today raised the question of whether to install an automatic or manual door, because the latter is heavier, more uncomfortable and much less practical. Once this first question is resolved, you must choose between:

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Sectional door. They get the most out of the available space and offer a perfect closure, which is a plus for safety. Its panels are formed by galvanized sheet slates and lacquered with polyurethane, a very robust alloy that allows insulating our garage very well from the acoustic and thermal point of view.

Door relevant. They are the most used for a large owner and garage communities and can be folded, with two pieces that overlap each other, or lifting, ascending one in its entirety. They are very robust and safe doors that offer good value for money.

Sliding doors. They are very versatile and adapt in a personalized way to the available spaces because they are formed by several sheets that can be added or removed without problem. It is perfect for large neighborhood communities because they have a relatively simple maintenance and high performance.

  1. Security

It is one of the aspects that should concern you most since the garage door must keep the space safe from thieves. Make sure it is made of a sturdy material, that seals your garage efficiently and that it can only be opened with your remote control or key.

  1. The weight

It is an especially important aspect if you opt for a manual door. Keep in mind that these doors can be heavy and difficult to move if they are not well greased. Although the automatic ones have a higher weight, value it because in the long run, it can compensate.

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  1. Maintenance

Not all doors require the same maintenance. Some just need to be greased on a regular basis and undergo an annual review, others require more attention. Check with your installer which is the case you are going to choose and make sure you are able to give the correct maintenance. Otherwise, it might be better to choose another model. In this sense, contracting maintenance with the installation company can save you many problems.