Automation for Doors

It will be enough to install the appropriate model, equipped with built-in control unit and chain or belt transmission guides, and we will obtain a customized solution for each type of door.

An automated garage is much more comfortable and safe: from the garage to the street and vice versa, without getting out of the vehicle; an unexpected rain, a vandalism … The automatism will allow us to put our vehicle in safe conditions quickly.

These engines are always equipped with courtesy light to illuminate and make access to the garage safer. In addition, this light is automatically turned off so we will not have to wait to turn it off every time we take the car out.

Normally they receive the power from the network with a voltage of 230 V and with direct current, which thanks to the low voltage guarantees us a greater safety of operation.

In the market, we have a wide range of mechanisms, so we can choose the one that best suits the measurements and weight of our door.

Types of automatisms:

– Hinged doors: Hinged doors are those that can move outwards or inwards. There is different kit that we can integrate in any hinged or folding door. They are designed for those private houses that need a two-leaf door of up to 3 meters each.

– Sliding Doors: Doors that slide to the right or to the left, ideal for large gardens or urbanizations. They are simple to use, very comfortable and safe.

– Tilt doors: These doors can be raised in one or two pieces by means of a pair of special hinges or bearing gages with tension springs or counterweights to balance the weight.

– Rolling Doors: Rolling doors or grilles are very robust. They roll quickly and safely behind the lintel.

How to choose the ideal automatism…

The automation systems are chosen according to the type and dimensions of the garage door.

If we are thinking of installing automation, we will have to pay attention because it usually happens that by lowering costs, some people install an automation that is not appropriate for the model of garage door they have.

If we want to save ourselves problems in the future, it is best to let us be advised by a professional, since not all automatisms are used for all doors.

When placing an incorrect automatism, we will have problems such as a bad closing of the door, or that it hits when opening or closing. They are typical faults that we can avoid and thus enjoy quietly for several years of a garage door without breakdowns.

Advantages of placing an automatism…

Placing an automatism in a door has multiple advantages; they are discreet, silent and versatile. Thanks to its control mechanisms they allow to automate the opening and closing of both interior and exterior doors. They serve not only for domestic use, but also for commercial uses.

Another great advantage is its adaptability and its easy assembly. Most of the automatisms of the market allow us to find the most appropriate solution for the requirements and dimensions of each home.

Safety, comfort, versatility and adaptability are the requirements that automation for enclosures and doors must meet.

If we install an automatism in our garage, it will be more comfortable, faster and safer. These systems allow us to enter the house without having to get out of the car, thanks to the remote control.

Most models also incorporate a sensor that makes the system stop if it detects an obstacle and exerts a back pressure if there is an intrusion attempt.

If your garage, garage or urbanization still does not have one of these systems, install one and enjoy its advantages, also lengthen the life of your door, as they have a smooth drive that will make the door does not suffer any blows.