The Benefits of Automating a Sectional Door


The industry of design and manufacture of doors is renewed every day and today offers us practical solutions to automate the opening and closing of our garage thanks to a sectional door.

Locks that got stuck, rails that did not run and prevented opening the sliding doors, metal or iron swinging gates that weighed a ton … It cannot be denied that until a few years ago the garage doors presented several inconveniences that hindered its operation and use daily. Today these problems are solved in a simple way, with the automation of a sectional door.


They are a type of automatic door that is installed in garages and that present many advantages mainly derived from its very simple installation and its even simpler use. Its fundamental characteristic is its comfort: the automation of the sectional door causes that they open by themselves activating a control in only 20 seconds, without need that we have to get off the car and pull it.

Automatic Cantilever Gates

In addition, at the security level, traditional doors presented a drawback: if you lost a key you were obliged to change the lock and all the keys of the people who used the door. With the sectional doors, it is enough to change the security code and reprogram the controls that activate the system, something that will not take too much time.

Being sectional doors that are built with different modules, they adapt perfectly to any space by just adding more or less modules and the composition of the steel panels guarantee that our garage will be well insulated from the outside and that the door will last much longer, besides that it will be much more difficult to open it and access the interior of the garage.

It is true that they require a little more careful maintenance than traditional doors, where it is enough to oil and clean every so often, but the advantages greatly compensate for this small handicap. In addition, the supplier of your door will be responsible for maintenance tasks that go beyond cleaning and frequent greasing.